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Roller Skating Birthday Trailer

Posted by Lil Miss Hot Mess on February 9, 2012

Oh, what?  I made a teensy little trailer for my Roller Skating Birthday Extravaganza!!!, no big deal.

Millions of thanks to Logan for helping me shoot this!

LMHM Performance Reel

Posted by Lil Miss Hot Mess on January 26, 2012

So, I may or may not have applied to grad school and I may or may not have created a performance reel as part of that incredibly laborious process.  OK fine I’ll share it:

And yes, I did edit it myself!  Credits after the jump.

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The Complete Wuthering Heights video!

Posted by Lil Miss Hot Mess on January 26, 2012

The complete video.  Better late than never, eh?

Many thanks to my dancers Laura Arrington, Cara Rose DeFabio, and Rachael Dichter.  And of course, to Cousin Wonderlette for the documentation!

Early Video from Kate Bush Night

Posted by Lil Miss Hot Mess on August 29, 2011

Thanks to Michael for taking this video on his phone – it’s just a teaser with some footage cut out in the middle (sorry!).  Hopefully I’ll get the real deal soon!

For those who don’t know, the inspiration for this number is after the jump:

Make My Dream Come True

Posted by Lil Miss Hot Mess on August 25, 2011

No, my dream is not to become a major movie star.  It’s not really even to play Michelle Tea in a short film version of Valencia — as my roommate asked, “isn’t that every young-queer-who-lives-in-the-Mission’s dream?”  The answer, as we all know, is YES.  Which is why it doesn’t count as my dream.

My real dream has been to have a KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN!  Seriously, everyone is doing it and I want in on the action.  It’s like free money right?  And finally I have a reason!  So please take a look at our campaign, chip in a few bucks (every dollar counts, NOTAFLOF, blah blah blah), etc.  I’m always keeping score.

Click above to watch our short promo video and to contribute (and get really great rewards)!  Michelle Tea’s classic DIY dyke drama Valencia gets taken over by an all drag queen cast! V-Day, heartbreak + eggs on the wall!

Cast: Lil Miss Hot Mess, Haute Gloo, Jerry Lee Manhattan, Aurora Switchblade, Rotimi Agbabiaka, Lynee Breedlove, Hamisi Nunes.   Crew: Jerry Lee Manhattan, Jenn Kolmel, Fjord Vox, Ed Varga.

Lil Miss Hot Mess, with balloons

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