I Support John Avalos for Mayor

Those who know me well and know that I very rarely get excited about electoral politics.  It’s not that I think it’s not important, but I just have trouble compromising and I tend to prioritize other work.  BUT, I’m getting really really excited about John Avalos for Mayor! With him, I guess I feel like […]

Facebook Thinks I’m a “Fake”

But as you all know, I am 100% REAL. More coming, but just wanted a minute to vent about the fact that Facebook disabled my LMHM account because it wasn’t a “real” name.  They restored it, but with my boy name, which is homo/transphobic and a violation of my privacy. I am still trying to […]

YouTube Activism

OMG, I’ve been SO bad about updating my blog lately.  Sorry!  I’ve been a very very very busy busy busy girl!  I still don’t have time, but I wanted to post these two great videos, which both touch on issues (I hate that word) that I deeply care about: Also, just such great uses of […]