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SOME THING for the Boys

Posted by Lil Miss Hot Mess on January 20, 2010

Photos and video from my number at SOME THING last Friday!

Eternal gratitude to Ed and Ryan for being adorable gay sailors (and kind of last minute too).  Everlasting thanks to Des, Jae, and Philip for lending their nautical wear.  And appreciations forever to Jerry Lee for taking video (as well as to Maura for taking the video Ryan posted on Facebook, which I don’t know how to embed – but it’s basically the same)!

SOME THING was so fun and I’m so excited to have a new weekly AND weekend show to look forward to.

Here’s video:

More photos are after the jump.

Photos below (and the one at the top) are by Shot in the City – you can view more photos from the night on their Facebook album:

There are also some photos up at SF Weekly, but I’m waiting on permission (and bigger images) from the photog.

2 Comments to "SOME THING for the Boys"

1 | kathleen

January 25, 2010 ● 12:11 pm

!!!!! I know this is obvious, but you look really good in that leotard. reallyreallyseriouslygood.

2 | Taylor

February 1, 2010 ● 7:58 am

I really like that along with the glitter and fancy, you have a message. If I lived anywhere near you, I would totally come (uninvited) to your bat mitzvah. Mazeltov!

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