Rebel Revue photos

Wanted to publish photos from the event I emceed on Wednesday: Rebel Revue, a benefit for the amazing journalist Nora Barrows-Friedman.  Seriously, this lady is on fire — she’s a badass mom, a great cello player, and an anti-zionist Jew who greatly contributes to the movement with her reporting on KPFA, Electronic Intifada, and elsewhere.  It was a great evening filled with really talented people — Boots Riley of The Coup (!!!) who was embarrassed when I introduced him as “the hottest commie you’ll meet” (Nora’s words, but I concur), Excentrik and his brother Rhythmatic, Kamau Bell, Dina Omar, and a whole lot more.  And we raised more money than usual in a single night – mazel tov to Nora and the other organizers!

Wow!  Brick background.  This is like my middle school fantasy of being a bohemian, a la Rent.



Adding humor to the movement, one jazz-square at a time.


With Nora (center) and Jennifer (left).  Watch out, Wendi: Jennifer tried to tell me she was my #1 fan!

Thanks to Lisa for the photos!

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  1. you are just so glamorous – all of the time. seriously!?

  2. Lil Miss Hot Mess says: -#1

    oh shh! that old thing?

  3. I love that wig on you!

  4. you were FANTASTIC! oh my god, we are all still talking about that number you and Sweetcheeks did. i don’t think i’ve laughed that hard in years.

    thank you for making it such a delicious night, Hotmess!! we should do this more often!

    you are by far, hands and wigs and nails down, the best damn queen around.


  5. Yeah, no one’s gonna steal my title as #1 fan. I will not let it happen.

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