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Rebel Revue photos

Posted by Lil Miss Hot Mess on November 8, 2009

Wanted to publish photos from the event I emceed on Wednesday: Rebel Revue, a benefit for the amazing journalist Nora Barrows-Friedman.  Seriously, this lady is on fire — she’s a badass mom, a great cello player, and an anti-zionist Jew who greatly contributes to the movement with her reporting on KPFA, Electronic Intifada, and elsewhere.  It was a great evening filled with really talented people — Boots Riley of The Coup (!!!) who was embarrassed when I introduced him as “the hottest commie you’ll meet” (Nora’s words, but I concur), Excentrik and his brother Rhythmatic, Kamau Bell, Dina Omar, and a whole lot more.  And we raised more money than usual in a single night – mazel tov to Nora and the other organizers!

Wow!  Brick background.  This is like my middle school fantasy of being a bohemian, a la Rent.



Adding humor to the movement, one jazz-square at a time.


With Nora (center) and Jennifer (left).  Watch out, Wendi: Jennifer tried to tell me she was my #1 fan!

Thanks to Lisa for the photos!

5 Comments to "Rebel Revue photos"

1 | SD

November 8, 2009 ● 11:23 pm

you are just so glamorous – all of the time. seriously!?

2 | Lil Miss Hot Mess

November 8, 2009 ● 11:31 pm

oh shh! that old thing?

3 | kathleen

November 9, 2009 ● 4:39 am

I love that wig on you!

4 | nora

November 9, 2009 ● 7:22 am

you were FANTASTIC! oh my god, we are all still talking about that number you and Sweetcheeks did. i don’t think i’ve laughed that hard in years.

thank you for making it such a delicious night, Hotmess!! we should do this more often!

you are by far, hands and wigs and nails down, the best damn queen around.


5 | Wendi

November 10, 2009 ● 2:48 pm

Yeah, no one’s gonna steal my title as #1 fan. I will not let it happen.

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