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Beauty Pageant Fantasies

Posted by Lil Miss Hot Mess on November 3, 2009

Maura sent me this article yesterday – the photos are just fascinating, if not horrifying.

She also gave me this wonderful gift that I felt like I should probably share:

-8Would you still love me if I look like this all the time?

4 Comments to "Beauty Pageant Fantasies"

1 | SD

November 3, 2009 ● 2:13 pm

I would and you know that’s the truth!!

2 | msk

November 3, 2009 ● 2:20 pm

um, i was kinda hoping you’d take the hint…

3 | Bobby

November 5, 2009 ● 4:56 pm

don’t you mean “Wouldn’t you love me even more if I looked like this all the time?”

4 | Lil Miss Hot Mess

November 5, 2009 ● 4:58 pm


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