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The Fire This Time

Posted by Lil Miss Hot Mess on September 30, 2009

A friend of a friend is working on a documentary about the NJ4 — a group of black dykes who were harassed and assaulted by a man in NYC and then arrested on bullshit charges of assault and gang violence.  This all happened in 2006, and at least one of the women is still locked up.  (Sorry, I’m having trouble sorting through all of the updates — if anyone can correct me, please do!)

Here’s the trailer for the film:

If you can, support the filmmaker in finishing the film so the story can reach more people.  And click here to learn more about the NJ4 and how to support them!

that’s (not my) shit

Posted by Lil Miss Hot Mess on September 29, 2009

Some pictures from the APAture show this weekend!

For those who weren’t there, it was a number about Asian-American women taking their “shit” back from culture vulture Gwen Stefani, notorious for her exploitation and appropriation of Japanese Harajuku culture.  Here’s our definition of cultural appropriation:

Cultural appropriation: for pleasure or benefit, a dominant group mines a subordinated group’s culture for the jewels of its heritage.

I think this is a really good, succinct definition. I do sometimes go back-and-forth on the problematics of cultural appropriation — I’ve seen a lot of blatantly racist performance and other art in San Francisco (not to mention the fashion on some people just walking down the street), but I’ve also seen people be really quick to jump on someone for stepping outside of their lived experiences (or seeming to).  It’s tricky.  There are ways of respectfully sharing and crossing cultures, and there are ways of taking things out of context, or exploiting them, or benefiting from them that are demeaning and hurtful.  It’s interesting to me that gender can feel really fluid, and crossing it can be subversive, but crossing lines of ethnicity, race, or other forms of culture can be really offensive and painful.  It’s also just problematic in our post-modern world (oh dear!) to think about who really owns or has rights to certain cultural traditions — there are many aspects of “my cultures” that I don’t really own, or that weren’t my direct experience, yet that I’m interested in learning about or participating in.  Like, baking challah for goodness sake!  It’s not like I’m using my bubbe’s recipe (and it’s not like I even called my grandma Bubbe either).  And, you know, there are aspects of most cultures that were shared, borrowed, or swapped at some point — how far back can we go, and how useful is that?

Whoa, I’ll stop there, but, you know, some thoughts to think about.  Ultimately, though, I’d say that we live in a world in which certain people (straight, white, able-bodied, men, with money and access, etc.) have certain privileges and powers, which makes being respectful and sharing equitably an even more difficult conversation.

Special thanks to Charleston Chu, Chan Dynasty, Lazy Suzan, and Princess Pony Pants for letting me be in this number!  OMG, and special special thanks to Thisway/Thatway for putting together our amazing outfits!  (Again, how weird is it that we all look super cute, even though we’re supposed to be deconstructing this bullshit?)  Anyway, look for us doing this number again in the Bay Area sometime!  (And hopefully I’ll get to post video soon.)


Posted by Lil Miss Hot Mess on September 25, 2009

Just saw that my photo was in Pollo’s column about being an extra for Trauma a few weeks ago.  I’m not sure I’d call it flattering, but I’m hoping that my giant pink pretty pretty princess dress will appear somewhere on our small screens.  And, I think I agree with her assessment of the situation — fairly boring, but not a bad way to spend some time with the girls.

every now and then I…

Posted by Lil Miss Hot Mess on September 23, 2009

I stumbled upon this amazing visual recently.  Maybe it’s old news.  But whoever created it is nothing short of genius.

total eclipse of the heart

Really, it’s the kind of thing that makes me wonder what I’m doing with my life.

In any event, this song has been popping up a lot in my life.  I just watched the amazing doc about Vicki Marlane called Forever’s Gonna Start Tonight.  (I’m really sad I’m going to miss the free screening that Frameline is doing because I’ll be out of town!)  And Precious did a performance of Kiki/ Justin Bond’s cover of it at the Tween Towers show a little while back.  And really, evern now and then…

challah back grrl

Posted by Lil Miss Hot Mess on September 22, 2009

Here’s a picture of the challah that I baked for Rosh Hashanah:


And here’s the recipe — it’s pretty good, though this batch came out a little drier than I remembered from when I made it before.  I’m not really a baker, and definitely not a bread baker, so I chalk that up to my experience rather than the recipe.

The two loaves with almonds have saffron — that was new to me, and delicious.

Stay tuned: this January I turn 26, and this little lady is celebrating her Bat Mitzvah x 2.

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