Why I Don’t Like Gavin Newsom

Well, this is but one reason.  But it feels like a more legit reason than just citing this picture.  (As I recall, the one on the cover made him look like even more of an ass.  I do appreciate that he’s getting older and now he’s moving more into conservative-looking politician, and less young gay-but-not-gay hotshot.  It’s something about the hair.)

Anyway, I just read that Newsom vetoed what could have been a really super piece of rent control legislation, aimed at helping renters through the current economic crisis.  Basically, the legislation would have done three things:

  1. Allowed renters to take on additional roommates to help pay rent. There are certain cases (ie. marriage or DPs) in which this is already kosher, but in this case, they wouldn’t have to be related.
  2. Limited “banked” rent increases to 8% per year. That’s because even though they can only raise your rent a certain percentage per year, they can also choose to “bank” it and raise it later to make up for years in which they haven’t.  While this feels somewhat fair, it also means that during tough times on everyone, rents could suddenly go way up on your apartment in just one year.
  3. Prevent landlords from increasing rent to more than 33% of one’s income. The initial bill didn’t have any restrictions, but the version that passed already limited this financial hardship restriction to people who were unemployed, lost more than 20% of their income, or were on government assistance and didn’t receive a COLA.

More background is here and here.

Needless to say, I’m pissed off.  Here’s what Ted Gullicksen of the Tenants’ Union had to say:

[Newsom]’s more concerned about getting contributions from the real estate industry for his run for governor than he is about the people of San Francisco being hit by recession.  He has vetoed almost every piece of pro-tenant legislation as a mayor, and opposed every piece when he was a supervisor.

And here’s a bit more background on his voting record.

I’m also totally sick of all the gays who fawn over him because of his marriage stunt.  He’s like the gross straight boys who flirt with you but you know they’re not really going to put out.  In this case, putting out means supporting tenants’ rights.

And while we’re at it, what’s up with Bevan Dufty, the gay Supervisor of the Castro?  Apparently he supported item #2 up there, but not the other two, leaving them one vote shy to override the veto.  Does he realize what’s happening to the Castro?  Gentrification is getting so bad even the gays  are moving out.  It feels ironic because I actually went to his apartment once, after a United ENDA demonstration against the HRC, and I thought it was really nice to have a City Supervisor on our side and welcoming us into his home for the afterparty.  And it was a nice home.  And I’m not sure if he’s a renter, but I’d assume not.  But I also feel like he’s not on our side anymore. And I hope people remember these things when it’s time for re-election.

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